About Us

Cedar Creek Shellfish Farms began in 1992 as a food clam distribution business. After making a case to the Small Business Administration that we could sell clams if we had them, we secured a loan from a commerce bank located in Jacksonville and began to build a shellfish farm. After acquiring an eight acre submerged land lease from the state of Florida, we began to lay plans for planting our first crop. Our first lease is located in the Matanzas river several miles from Marineland of Florida.

After 3 years of struggle with weird weather, questionable seed stock and low returns, we decided that high quality lease area and seed were the keys to success. In 1995 we met John Bollman of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. John had several leases adjacent to the Canaveral National Seashore Park, one of the richest estuaries areas in the state. Our quest for lease area had lead us to the information that many other leased parcels in that area were going to revert to the state for non-use. Working with the division of state lands, we secured new areas and modified existing areas into 4 lease parcels, in 2 different harvesting zones totaling more that 36 acres.

With all the area we could ever use secured, we began working on seed stocks. After building a small land based nursery facility we began buying "hatchlings" and raising them up to field plant size. After several years and several crops we began to realize that we did very well with seed clams. While waiting for our food clams to mature, we began to sell seed clams to other farmers. We quickly found ourselves in a position of being more of a seed clam farm then food clam farm. Our farm was producing 25% food clams and 75% seed clams.

Buying clam seedlings from existing hatcheries, we proceeded to build one of the largest nurseries in the state and supplied seed clams to farmers of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Realizing that in order to assure a “high quality” product and a constant supply of seedlings we began work on our own hatchery and consistently we produce 40 million clam seedlings from January through July. During the past 4 years, we have concentrated on our “field” operations and have begun to “shift” our focus to producing more food harvestable clams. This year we have planted 4 million that will be ready starting in November. With a 52 week per year harvest season, our goal is to harvest and process 100,000 clams per week in the upcoming years.